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Wine Quality Indicators

Assessing the quality of wine requires a significant amount of expertise and facilities to achieve accurate analysis across a range of parameters. This extensive range of parameters requires a high degree of analytical complexity and safeguards to ensure that all results are reported accurately. Fapas proficiency testing measures can help mitigate these risks by evaluating your current testing practices, and provide the data analysis required to highlight areas of improvement within your ongoing test practices.

Fapas offer high-quality test materials which allow your laboratories to highlight an extensive range of analytes, which include alcohol, alcohol-related congeners, acidity, inorganic ions, organic acids, quality indexes including colour, sugars, sulphur dioxide, heavy metals, nutritional elements and oxygen-18 isotope ratio (for geographic authenticity purposes). We aim to provide a detailed insight into your testing practices, from which to highlight areas of improvement and maintain your testing ability.

Wine Vinyard

Within this proficiency test we also assess your results for any method dependencies, giving you the insights needed to address any potential analysis risks and unknown bias within your analysis methods.

Wine tasting continues to provide the foundation for ensuring the organoleptic quality of wine offered to consumers. Wine tasting, however, provides a non-standardised analysis method, where opinion & bias may be apparent. Standardised and accredited analysis techniques offer the advantage of being reproducible and can highlight the presence of a range of potential issues which may not be highlighted by wine tasting alone.

The high value of wine also provides motivation for sellers to undertake potentially unscrupulous methods of improving wine characteristics, such as chaptalisation and the addition of dyes. Through effective proficiency testing programmes, your ability to highlight the presence of these quality issues is maintained, and in some cases improved.

Wine Pour Fapas

Fapas proficiency test materials make use of real food matrices. This wine proficiency test uses authentic Italian wines to provide a direct comparison to your current testing regime. This gives you the ability to directly compare your proficiency test results, providing invaluable insights into your testing measures.

Use to add your results online and receive a detailed analysis report on your performance within this proficiency testing round. Fapas proficiency test analysts draw on decades of experience to provide an as close to true level as possible of analytes included. This allows detailed insights to be gathered to ensure your testing measures remain fit for purpose.

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12 Nov 2019

07 Apr 2020

25 Nov 2020

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Wine Quality Indicators FCOH7-DRA13 Wine

12 Nov 2019

07 Apr 2020

25 Nov 2020

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Quality Control Materials

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