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Reference Materials from Fapas

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The new range of Fapas Reference Materials brings an increased measurement certainty for our customers.

The implementation of quality control procedures in a laboratory is always recommended, whether or not this is driven by formal accreditation to the relevant standard. The quality control monitoring should include participation in Fapas proficiency testing programmes and/or the use of reference materials. Monitoring and reviewing the resultant data has to be a planned activity for accredited laboratories.

These matrix-matched reference materials are an essential tool for quality assurance, method validation and training.

Reference Materials (RMs) are also available from Fapas for some analyte/matrix combinations.  RMs have a much higher degree of characterisation than PT or QC materials with a defined chain of traceability.  RMs undergo formal stability testing for both short-term and long-term applications.  RMs have an associated datasheet which lists the reference values and their expanded uncertainty U.  The value of U is not a performance limit but is the uncertainty relating to the reference value.  RMs therefore have a greater degree of trust in their values and can be used for method calibration purposes. Fapas RMs are generated according to the principles of ISO 17034:2016 General requirements for the competence of reference material producers.

Uses and properties of Reference Material (RM) samples


  • Provides a measure of accuracy
  • Reference values provided with uncertainty limits, independently of laboratory performance
  • Can be used for method validation or verification
  • Have a high degree of trust, enhancing confidence
  • Can be used to troubleshoot PT performance, generate control charts and for staff training
  • Stability fully characterised for long-term availability
  • Can be used for calibration purposes, including value assignment to other materials
  • Available only once fully characterised
  • CRMs have a defined traceability, which is also a characteristic of FAPAS RMs.



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